Training / Behaviour Modification

You Will See Your Dog Change Right Before Your Eyes

Training Methods:

We use a combination of positive reinforcement (lure-reward / no touch training) and clicker training.  We also use classic conditioning and denial conditioning (denying what a dog wants until they change thier behaviour to get what they want – no food needed).  Some of these methods use food to get the initial behaviour we are looking for and then it’s replaced with praise and life rewards to ensure your dog doesn’t become a treat hound or require you to carry treats to get your dog to co-operate.

Introducing 10-Second Training

We know your intentions are good, you go to the training classes every week for 6 to 8 weeks and learn how to train your dog but 6 months later you’re scratching your head and wondering what happened because the dog doesn’t seem to be trained any more. Thats why I created the 10-second training system so you don’t have to spend 30 minutes a night a couple of times a week like the last trainer told you to do.

I know you can find the 10-seconds because you will get back the 20 minutes you spent chasing your dog because they wouldn’t come in the house when you called them or the 5 minutes you spent trying to get them to stop barking or even the 10 minute extra walk you had to do because if you passed that other dog that your dog hates it would be ugly and embarrassing.

This doesn’t just train your dog in 10-seconds, it keeps them trained for life. If you think you can find 10-seconds when you feed the dog, let them out to pee or take them for a walk then get in touch and let me show you how to get the dog you always wanted but didn’t have the time to train.

Behaviour Modification Methods:

We use classic conditioning and denial conditioning (new method that finds what the dog wants and denies it until the dog changes their behaviour) which are gentle methods to alter the behaviour of your dog. With these methods we don’t punish bad behaviour, we promote the desired behaviour to ensure it’s the default behaviour that you are looking for. Your dog will quickly learn what you’re looking for with no punishment, you and your dog can remain the best of friends.

In-Home (In your home) Training / Behaviour Modification:

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