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About US

I am Jeff Anderson, the founder and owner of Interactive Dog. Inspired by training my two rescue dogs, I realized that I really love working with dogs and they love working with me. Now I can help dog owners understand how to train their dogs so they can see quick and real results.

I did my apprenticeship at Dealing with Dogs (DWD) in Oakville, Ontario under the tutelage of Judy Emmert. This apprenticeship program is based on theory, class demonstrations, training and instructing. I also attend seminars on dog behaviour, psychology and training methods.

I follow the teaching of well-known Veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and dog trainer, Dr. Ian Dunbar. I also use clicker training methods developed and refined by Karen Pryor. Both of these methods of training are very respectful of the dog and aim to create a bonding relationship that will create a two-way relationship with the dog where respect goes from trainer to dog and dog to trainer. You can teach your dog and still be best friends.